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Meet our leadership.

centretail is a subsidiary of Black Oaks, a company registered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates providing corporate advisory and capital market services. We partner investors in the formation, launch and market development of new ventures focusing in 5 core sectors:

| Financial Services

| Fin & Prop Technology

| Supply Chain & Logistics

| Retail

| Real Estate

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Benjamin Ganley

Founder & CEO

For the past 20 years Ben has served as CEO and Senior Advisor to a portfolio of distinguished Middle East Islamic Sovereign Wealth Funds, Family Offices and Investment Firms, executing commercial restructures and strategy mandates to consolidate, enhance or exit group holdings and new market entry.


Ben has (re)financed multiple rounds of Islamic financing resulting in being awarded the prestigious Islamic Finance News award for “Most Innovative Deal of the Year” in 2019 and executed numerous fundraising mandates and commercial asset sales to institutional REIT’s.

Prior to relocating to the Middle East, Ben worked with Deloitte in Corporate Re-Organization and thereafter joined ASX listed Lend Lease Retail and Lend Lease Communities before relocating to the United Kingdom in 2005 to support the restructure and launch of two private equity firm’s targeting social infrastructure and affordable housing.


Bachelor of Commerce, Charles Darwin University, 2001

Associate Diploma, University of South Australia, 1996


Australian Property Institute.

Australian Marketing Institute.

Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Institute of Directors, London.

Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

Project Management Institute.

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We adopt a consultative approach aligning our shared aspirations to build sustainable partnerships for long term success.

Centretail respects the values of eastern and western cultures,

fostering partnerships that come together in harmony;
reflecting the principles of relationship interdependence and structure, individual uniqueness and equality.



We employ our decades long experience, bold thinking and global expertise to unearth and unlock market opportunities aligned with amazing clients and investors committed to delivering innovative, sustainable ventures for governments, enterprises, communities and people. 

We call this our "Foundation".


As we explore and collaborate, a common thread usually begins to weave across like minded people; people who support collective long term goals over near term individual accolades. It's at this stage that our purpose for being, our Foundation, is pivotal in assessing prospective opportunities for their real world application, ideology and exponential growth.


We recognise that the physical environment is not the full storyline. Digital technology and data provide significant opportunities to enhance what we create and integrate with legacy protocols. We're on a mission to invest and partner in the development of digital capabilities that transform the wellness and connectivity of people, processes and places.

Portfolio Management Framework.

The Portfolio Management Framework (PMF) integrates centretail direct 10% equity co-investment with Black Oaks affiliate framework spanning Australia, EMEA and the United States. The PMF unifies market penetration and sustained development, providing centretail clients and investors enhanced opportunity to create and deliver a range of global retail opportunities tailored to the needs of institutional investors. 

PMF Benefits

1. Integrated services enhance collective resources, outputs and value

2. Shared knowledge and ability across the whole value chain to maximise returns 

3. Access to third party leveraged capital to improve net equity returns

4. Founder and investor origination capability

5. Execution excellence through structured milestones and delivery

6. The best people that are attracted to the best mandates

                                    Black Oaks ability to source and support deal-flow, together with financial markets strength and

                                    proven end-to-end track record, provides centretail clients and investors a point of difference we

                                    believe places us ahead of the curve when two or more of our operating segments of                                                          investments, real estate and transformation engage on the same project.


Access to institutional grade investment opportunities

Strong relationships with institutional capital partners

Differentiated end-to-end skills to add value at origination level

Trusted fiduciary and governance structures, markets and partners

Real Estate.

Focus in prime city markets

Capital efficient business model

Long term investment partnerships

Scale across gateway cities 


Delivery capability supports integrated PMF

Specialist expertise and relationships in core sectors

Deep project management skills and experience



Most innovative deal of the year, 2019 Islamic Finance News Awards.

Best Marketing Campaign, 2019 Gulf Real Estate Awards.

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